Review : SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence

SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence
SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence | Thanks to the technology in beauty industry, we can now have our skin be treated without even have to go under the knife.  There are plenty of the beauty products readily available over the counter to treat skin problems such as acne,  dull skin, uneven skin tone, scars, large pores or even to remove white and black heads.  However, problems arise when the results is not as close to what the label on the box says, but very much a disappointment.  When I say this trust me, I have been there.

Purchased a few beauty products to reduce the appearance of large pores and to brighten the skin.  Tried for a few weeks sometimes even months until I called it quit. I am not the one who likes to switch products as often and no, I don't trust express results.  Everything takes time that is for sure. Rome wasn't built in a day,  same applies to your skin. 

Do you wish for a translucent radiance skin tone?.

The answer to the question, of course.  Nowadays women prefers to have minimal make up and pull off the no make up look.  Take Alicia Keys as an example.  How her skin glow even without make up on.  Her bare face is so beautiful.  Focusing on improving the appearance of the skin is the most crucial aspect of beauty because having a good canvas means you can pull of any look you want.  Make up or no make up?.  Both looking gorgeous.

However there is a catch.  As we age, our skin tend to be losing its elasticity and radiance that it once had.  Spots appearing to be more visible and scars seems harder to fade.  This is a common problem for women in their 20s.  Fully aware of the issues,  SK-II has came up with a product named SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence.  

Review :  SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence 

SK-II Cellumination Aura EssenceSK-II Cellumination Aura Essence is  an essence created to focus on treating skin conditions at the same time offering a velvety finish.  The main focus of the essence is to even out the skin tone, to brighten, hydrates, refines skin's surface and to glow your skin from within.

Frankly, I was not really into essence or know of its importance until recent years.  My usual daily routine involves face wash, toner, moisturizer, day cream and night cream.  At times I would apply serum when my skin needs extra attention. Until  I tried  SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence and experience it first hand,  here I am telling you why you should get one for yourself. 


What results would you get from using  SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence

I got to admit, when talking about results all we need to support a justification is statistics and data analytic. To date, there are 63 reviews up on website and the products ratings is 4.5 stars!.  Most of the reviews are quoted claiming the products to bring out the glow, awesome brightening serum, miracle in a bottle and so many more.  The reviews are what makes me want to try the Sk-II Cellumination Aura Essence even more.  

Depending from one person to another,  my experience with the SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence is that the product does help in reducing the dull effect of my skin - due to late night stay up and reduce the visibility of the dark spots on my cheek area. While my T zone (the nose and the forehead area) is usually dry,  after applying the essence it seems my skin is more hydrated.  On whether or not the essence makes my skin glow,  I have tried for almost 3 weeks and yes.  I can see my skin looks better in  terms of complexion but not much.  I shall update once I finish the whole bottle. 

Does SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence whiten the skin?

It is a bit tricky because it seems nowadays whitening product has been overrated even I have seen the one that claims to whiten the skin after a few days.  Still people falls for it  and buy anyway.  Sk-II has known to have so many users even artists all over the world who have been using their skincare range for the longest time and it is safe to say their products walk the talk.  In this case, SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence does brighten the skin and make it glow but not whiten the skin as if you have done some bleaching. 

How to apply SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence on your face?   

The essence is recommended to be incorporated in your daily routine before applying the moisturizer.  Applied the essence two times a day, which is every morning and night before going to the bed.  
  • Using the dropper take 2 pumps (or more if you have a bigger face) of the essence into your palms.
  • Dot your face with the essence and smoothen with gentle outward strokes.
To get the best results, use the essence together with other SK-II products.
SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence
SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence

Where can you buy SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence ? 

If you resides in Malaysia, you can visit Sephora website.  Have a look, and probably purchase one SK-II  products for yourself  here


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