Singapore Trip : Celebrating Love at The Daulat, Singapore

Our lovely trip to Singapore on last May was not planned at all, even the flight tickets were bought few days before the trip. Singapore was chosen because the country is near to Malaysia, it took only 1 hour by flight or few hours of driving, its a small country hence easy to navigate and most importantly they say - Singapore has the best transportation system.

We went by there by Tiger Air, for the cost & budgeting you can click here > Budget ke Singapore.
  USS was our main agenda in Singapore, read the tips here-> Tips ke USS, Singapore

Until we landed in Changi Airport, realization hit me. 
where are we going to stay??. 

So this is a story about how i met and fell in love with The Daulat, Singapore. We did not book any hotel for the trip at all. Lessons learn -> Book your hotels early in case of traveling to a famous place. Most of the hotels, hostels, even cheap dormitory are full house. I remember we went to about 15- 20 different type of hotels and ask for any room available but no. Its either - too expensive (1 room cost about 100 - 140 sgd per night), fully booked or the room is not to my liking.

We walked about few hours from the MRT station in Bugis until we reached Madras Street. Greeted with a warm welcome, the Mister inform us they have a vacant room. Alhamdulillah. I was jumping with joy. When I asked about the price - its at least 200 sgd per night. walaowei!. Expensive wor.
The Daulat, Singapore

At first, I was feeling meh about this hotel. Because the rate simply does not match my wallet as I clearly told him my budget was 100 per night. Unlike other receptionists that we met during the hotels hunting, the staff was kind enough to bring us around the hotels showing us the rooms and the facilities that they have and explained to us why the price is slightly higher from the rest of the hotels. (Hint - He was using his persuading & marketing skills). And it works!.

Finally I agree to a rate of sgd 175  (inclusive of GST) per night for a deluxe room. That was the lowest he can offer. 

The room that we stayed for the first night (Deluxe Room)

Basically everything about the hotel is super duper awesome!. Let me tell you why.

The rooms : I have stayed in 2 different rooms during our stay, 1 in the ground floor (deluxe)while another one is in level 2 (superior). Tho it is not big, but it is comfy especially the bed. :) Highly recommended for those who wants to spent their honeymoon staying in the room not going out for 24 hours. Plus, every room is equipped with a Nespresso (Pixie Range) machine for coffee. Boring?. Want to watch TV and listen to music? Yes, they provide a flat screen smart TV & European audio brand Geneva for your iphone. Problem with that is me and my husband were not smart enough to use it. Oh and free high speed WIFI.

The Food & Drinks : There a small bar (no worries, no liquor involve) located nearby the receptionist counter where you can make your own coffee and also unlimited supply of soft drinks provided. For breakfast, you will be served with English breakfast,cereals, breads, milk,fresh juices, etc. I opt for sunny side up while hubs choose to eat scrambled egg.

Staff/ Receptionist: For the so called tourist, the staff there all of them were helpful and friendly. They even recommended the best roti canai to eat just at the back of the area, and show us the map and share some stories about Singapore, the people and even about the current issues. My Hubs even stayed up until 2 am talking to the mister.

Other Facilities: The Daulat has its own rooftop swimming pool with an underwater sound system. Its an open one whereby you can swim while watch the sky at night.  You can relax and probably do some sun bathing on the couch at the second floor. We were so lucky even the Mister gave us 2 bicycle to ride during our stays. This is complimentary from the hotel. It was fun roaming around the city at night with bicycle, we never such kind of experience that in Malaysia.We went to Haji Lane and ate dinner at Kampung Glam Cafe.

Breakfast Time! - The Hotel's Bar

The Bathroom - Super Clean & the shower is heaven.
Lets explore Singapore!. - Bicycle on courtesy of the Hotel.
The room that we stayed for the second night (superior room)

I really wish to have a house with the same design as The Daulat itself. Look for yourself, isn't it nice to have your own balcony like this?.

The Daulat
16 Madras Street,
Singapore 208413

Tel: +6564085555
Fax: +6564088088

I know that the hotel might be a bit pricy (for backpackers) but it is worth the money.
my rating is : 4.8/5

Overall Comments:

I was so grateful that during our trip in Singapore we were blessed with so many kind hearted people who were willing to help us. The Indian guy in Madras Street for showing the MRT station, for a Chinese aunty who asked us to follow her (she was on her bike as well) to Haji Lane coz we were like lost puppy and to The Daulat staff, they give extra discount, give tips on places to go, just for us to have a memorable trip and a happy ones. If they stumble upon this article, Hugs N Kisses from Putrajaya :) 
Hurry, happy holiday :) 

Tips Mudah| Cara Menghilangkan Bekas Jerawat di Wajah

Cara Menghilangkan Bekas Jerawat di Wajah

Jerawat ialah musuh ketat bagi seorang perempuan. Kalau tak, tak adalah bersepah-sepah produk yang di jual di pasaran untuk menghilangkan jerawat, mencantikkan kulit, meruncingkan dagu, meratakan tona kulit dan sebagainya. :) And trust me, these manufacturers make a lot of money per year for those products they claimed as "anti-acne" and "whitening" your skin. 

Macam mana pun, tidak dinafikan kalau menggunakan barang-barang semulajadi kesannya pon boleh tahan cepat dan berkesan untuk menghilangkan bekas jerawat. Tak percaya boleh la cuba tips di bawah ni :

1. Kayu Manis + Madu
Cara menghilangkan bekas jerawat dengan kayu manis dan madu. Ambil sedikit serbuk kayu manis dan campurkan dengan madu. Kita buat ala-ala masker. Sapukan pada muka yang ada bekas jerawat. Amalkan untuk buat sebelum tidur dan bilas dengan air sejuk bila dah kering ataupun keesokan hari.

 2. Kayu Manis + Bedak
Cara menghilangkan bekas jerawat dengan kayu manis dan bedak sejuk. Caranya ialah dengan mengambil sedikit serbuk kayu manis dan campurkan dengan bedak sejuk. Sapukan pada parut jerawat, lakukan setiap hari secara konsisten. Insya Allah parut akan pudar dan beransur hilang. Cara ini mungkin agak sedikit pedih tapi berkesan.

3. Bawang Putih
Kita boleh menghilangkan bekas jerawat dengan menggunakan bawang putih. Bawang putih dikatakan mampu menghilangkan parut/bekas jerawat dengan berkesan. Seperti kulit kayu manis, Bawang putih juga agak pedih dan menyakitkan. Tetapi ianya dijamin berkesan!. Ambil 2 atau 3 biji ulas bawang putih, tumbuk lumat dan gosok atau sental ke bahagian yang terlibat beberapa kali sehari, ianya dapat mengurangkan parut jerawat anda!.

4. Nasi 
Cara menghilangkan bekas jerawat dengan air rendaman nasi. Caranya ialah rendam nasi ke dalam air suam biarkan seketika, lepas tu ambil air rendaman tersebut dan basuh pada muka anda. Biarkan sampai kering dan bilas dengan air sejuk. Petua ini banyak digunakan di negara sejuk seperti Jepun dan Korea.

Cara Menghilangkan Bekas Jerawat seperti di atas sangat mudah dan jimat. Selamat Mencuba  In sha Allah mujarab dan berkesan bila kita lakukan secara konsisten.  Klik Sini.

Tips | Melancong Ke Universal Studio [USS] Singapore

Universal Studio Singapore (USS) 

As a part of my Singapore trip, which was months ago I went to Universal Studio Singapore. USS ialah taman tema yang terletak di dalam Resorts World Sentosa yang terletak di Sentosa Island, Singapore. Dari hotel aku bergerak ke Sentosa Island dengan menaiki MRT. It is very convenient to travel the whole Singapore using MRT as their public transport is very reliable and impressive. Thumbs up for that :)

Secara ringkas, USS mempunyai 7 themed zone dan design bagi setiap satu kawasan ialah mengikut tema tersebut. Boleh rujuk gambar dibawah.
 source : wikipedia. 

Tips Melancong ke USS, Singapore

~ Gunakan MRT untuk ke sentosa world. Jadi seeloknya gerak awal pagi Contohnya aku 8:30 pagi keluar dari Madras Street ambil MRT terus ke Sentosa. Sampai dalam 9 lebih. Jadi dapat jalan-jalan sekitar sentosa sebelum beratur untuk masuk USS.

~ Beratur awal bagi mengelakkan membuang masa menunggu. Dalam 9:30 pagi dah boleh mula beratur sebab pintu akan dibuka tepat 10 pagi. Jadi keluarkan tiket siap-siap untuk pengesahan. Be prepared.

~Bawa sekurang-kurangnya 1 botol mineral water. :) Kawan aku cakap bawa makanan pon boleh letak dalam beg sebab kalau beratur awal selalunya diorang tak akan check sebab ramai sangat. So its totally depending on your luck.

~ Sediakan air untuk ke tandas. Please bear in mind, that the place you are visiting tandas nya tak macam Malaysia. Tak ada air la maksudnya. Jadi itulah kegunaan botol mineral water. Sebelum masuk tandas disediakan air (watercooler) jadi isi dalam botol and do your business inside.
~ Untuk setiap game, cuma ada 1 atau 2 yang melibatkan air iaitu di zon The Lost World -Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure Saranan aku pakai baju yang tak transparent  kalau korang tak nak pakai baju hujan. . Tapi tak adalah sampai basah kuyup :)

~ Pakai pakaian yang ringan dan boleh menyerap peluh. Kalau boleh t-shirt dan jeans. This is because USS is a theme park, hence you will be engaging in a lots of physical activities. Naik roller coster, water boat, accelerator, tengok 4D, dll. 

~ Disarankan untuk pakai sport shoes atau kasut bertutup. Korang akan berjalan seharian dan kenalah jaga kaki supaya tak melecet. Kalau main roller coster pon tak risau sandal akan tertanggal atau tercabut. 

~ Bawa camera untuk mengambil gambar tapi tak perlu dslr. A small digital camera/phone would serve the purpose. Asalkan ada camera untuk ambil gambar cukup lah. Tak perlu nak bawa kamera besar gedabak sebab susah nak simpan dan bawa. Ada loker yang disediakan, bayaran kalau tak salah lebih kurang sgd 5 sejam ataupun 30 minit

~ Dari segi makanan, terdapat banyak kiosk, dan F&B outlet di setiap zon tetapi bukan semuanya  makan menyediakan makanan halal. Jadi tengok betul-betul. Kalau tak salah, ada 1 kedai pizza/burger/western yang menjual non halal food. Saranan aku, makan dekat luar dari USS. Boleh keluar masuk bila2 masa, bila dekat gate tu nanti dia akan cop tangan korang.

~Makan di luar USS. Masih dalam kawasan sentosa dekat kawasan luar / area yang ada Globe tu ada tempat makan. Ada banyak menu dan harga pon boleh tahan. SGD3.5 untuk Nasi Briyani. Makanan yang dijual pon sangatlah sesuai dengan tekak melayu lagi pun lebih murah.

Where to start?

~ Most people would say- start from the left. But for me- start from the right. The sequence following from the right is going to be : Hollywood, Madagascar, Far Far Away, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City and lastly New York. Alasan aku untuk bermula dari kanan sebab tak perlu nak beratur lama untuk setiap bahagian. Kebanyakan game di bahagian kanan adalah simple, dan very rilex. Kira bolehlah nak warm up dulu sebelum main game yang lebih ekstrem seperti di Ancient Egypt. Last reason is I want to save the best for the last. Paling lama aku habiskan masa ialah di bahagian kiri sebab dekat situ banyak live show yang best.

What is the best & What not to miss?.

~The scariest part is Revenge of The Mummy: The Ride di zon The Ancient Egypt. Secara ringkas, korang akan naik roller coster yang sangat laju, di dalam gelap dan penuh dengan efek bunyi yang mengerikan macam dalam filem the Mummy.  Even my hubs scream like a girl  because the roller coaster is freaking fast, up and down. Rasa nak tercabut jantung.

~ The interesting ride is Transformers: The Ride . Ianya ialah 4D Dark Ride Motion Simulator. The thing feels really real like you are in the movie itself helping Bumblebee to fight the bad guys. Terdapat efek khas, iaitu air, angin, udara panas, kabus dan sebagainya.

~ Their live show is a must to watch. Wajib tengok. Caranya bila masuk ambil jadual masa live shows yang disediakan. Setiap 1 show akan ada 3 atau 2 kali dalam tempoh sehari. Kena pandai merancang masa. 
Show yang paling aku suka ialah Pantages Hollywood Theater, Lights! Camera! Action ! Hosted by Steven Spielberg, Live Performance by Elmo & Friends di kawasan Hollywood boulevard dan sebagainya.

~Take pictures with all the characters :) In USS there are so many characters that you can meet. Di setiap zon, kita berpeluang untuk mengambil gambar dengan pelbagai jenis karakter. Contohnya di Hollywood ada Marylin Monroe. Wooot Woot. There are Elmo and friends, Madagascar characters, Kungfu Fanda and so much more. Rugi sangat kalau tak ambil gambar dengan semua watak-watak kartun yang comel.

Read more: Wikipedia