DIY | Bunga Hiasan di dalam Kotak

Bunga Hiasan di dalam Kotak

Dah lama tak ber-DIY. Kali ini aku nak tunjuk cara-cara membuat bunga hiasan di dalam kotak. Idea asal bagi bunga hiasan ini aku tengok di Pinterest. Bagi mereka yang memang gemarkan DIY Pinterest memang terbaik untuk dijadikan rujukan. Memandangkan aku suka sesuatu yang mudah, cepat dan ringkas maka aku ubah suai sikit dari konsep asal. Tak kisahlah yang penting hasilnya cantik di pandang :). Terpulang kepada citarasa masing-masing bunga ini boleh dijadikan hiasan di meja televisyen, meja makan (as a centerpiece) ataupun di atas pelamin.

Review | Executive Suite, Hotel Grand Bluewave [Johor Bahru]

Pengalaman Menginap di Hotel Grand Bluewave, Johor Bahru | Merupakan hotel 4 bintang dan terletak di tengah bandar Johor Bahru, hotel ini menawarkan pengalaman penginapan yang menyenangkan dan tentu nya keselesaan yang di idamkan oleh setiap pengunjung. Paling seronok, kita boleh melihat jambatan antara Johor dan Singapura melalui tingkap hotel. 

Bilik yang diberikan kepada aku ketika itu ialah Executive suite. Terdapat 2 pilihan iaitu sea view dan city view malah ada diantaranya yang mempunyai balkoni. Bilik aku? Balkoni Non Hado cuma sea view aje. Pendapat aku ialah bilik yang sangat luas, susunan perabut yang kemas dan selesa. Siap ada lounger area dengan sofa, coffee table dengan TV. Dapur untuk masak-masak pon ada jugak. Kira complete package lah kalau ambil executive suite nih.

Review | Brighten Your Skin with White Synergy Mask

  Hello & Assalamualaikum Everyone :)
I have not writing or reviewing much lately my apologies. There are so many drafts I drafted like months ago, but there are still there. Not moving :( . Anyway, on one fine day I received a mail from Living Jungle asking for my interest whether I am interested to try out their products. My answer?. 
Well of course... I would love to!. I was not told specifically on what is the thing they are sending me and when it turns out to be a mask, I was more than happy. So here it goes for the review: 

Like any other facial mask available on the market this mask is a peel-off type. So basically, all you need to do is make sure that your face is clean before applying the mask (wash using warm water would do) then apply the mask all over the face. As you are applying the mask ensure that you avoid the eye area because the skin there is super thin and you dont want any wrinkles to visit you at least you are 30. Just leave it for at leat 10 -15 minutes until the mask completely dry and then you may peel the mask off your face. Do it slowly. Once done rinse your face with water.
 3 Simple Steps : Apply, Absorb, Remove

Review | Cerro Qreen Cosmetic Make- Up Brush Set

Assalamualaikum and Hello. Another review for those beauty junkies out there, this time is all about the brushes. Presenting the Cerro Qreen -Cosmetic Make- Up Brush Set. I receive this brush from Nattacosme quite sometime ago, so I must say I had a good time with them. Though I don't use all of them for my daily routine, using 10 brushes just for my go-to-office look is kinda too much. Heck, I wont reach office by 9 am coz "hey, wait I am still filling up my brows using the eyebrow brush" :)
My brush is in the shade of Azalea Pink. I have labelled them accordingly so you get to know which is for which. Like I said before, I dont use all of them for my daily make up routine but 4 below are absolutely my favorite :

1. Eyelash Brush - I use it to comb my eyebrow as well apart from using it for my eyelashes as I rarely wear mascara but to comb my eyebrow is a must!. 

2. Powder Brush - Great to use it for finishing your make up with powder brush. After applying foundation/bb cream you may use this brush to apply loose powder to set the make up and for a more natural look. The bristles are super duper soft too. 

3. Eyebrow Brush - Also known as the angled brush, the brush could help you achieve the perfect brow shape. I am not a fan of eyebrow gel or pencil, so I opt for powder instead.

4. Lip Brush - So yeah, apply your favorite lipstick using the lip brush. The lip brush is very useful for amateur like me because it helps to ensure the lipstick does not goes beyond the lip line.

Overall, I would surely recommend this brush set because it is worth the price. With just RM60.72 you get 10 brushes. How cool is that ?!. And I love the packaging. You can bring them along for travel purposes knowing that the bristles will be safe with the cover.  For Muslims fret not because the bristles are made of Goat, Pony and Fibre hair. Its Halal :)  

Link for the brush set is provided below, you know just in case.....

Thank you  <3 <3

Review | Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner

 To be honest, I am still around. It takes some time for me to write a review on this because there is nothing more important for an honest review rather than a fake one. Apologize for the delay guys!.

Penjagaan wajah ialah aspek paling utama bagi setiap manusia paling tidak pun untuk kepuasan diri sendiri. Tak gitu?. Jadi alangkah baiknya jika setiap orang mengambil berat akan pentingnya kegunaan pelembap atau nama Inggerisnya - Toner. Antara kepentingan pelembab/ toner: dapat menyeimbangkan  PH Kulit, membantu menanggalkan kotoran dan sel kulit mati.
Say Hello to Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner. A good thing about the toner is that it is not just alcohol-Free, but it is also Paraben-Free, Pthalate-Free, Fragrance-Free and Hypoallergenic. Sooooo good right?. For every products, the most important thing that we need to look into is of course the ingredients. Surely you dont want to stuff your face with a lot of chemicals which you do not know what the effects going to be in few more years.

Honestly, I am not such a "toner" person. Usually I would skip this part and went straight to moisturizer or even worst straight to BB or foundation. But since I incorporated toner in my daily routine, trust me it feels different. Allow me to share with you my experience with Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner:

1. Skin feels a lot cleaner. Even after cleansing, sometimes there are still some dirt or the stubborn foundation which just doesn't want to come off. :(

2. I feel refresh. By applying the toner, my skin immediately feel refresh and get the soothing effect especially after cleansing my skin using scrub. I use scrub on a weekly basis to remove blackheads.

How To Apply: 
Apply with a cotton pad to cleanse, soften, refresh and moisturize skin. Use anytime throughout the day as a softening refresher.
After wiping my face using the toner. Now do you got what I mean?. 

Bagi yang berminat untuk mencuba Thayers Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner boleh klik gambar di bawah :