Review | Brighten Your Skin with White Synergy Mask

  Hello & Assalamualaikum Everyone :)
I have not writing or reviewing much lately my apologies. There are so many drafts I drafted like months ago, but there are still there. Not moving :( . Anyway, on one fine day I received a mail from Living Jungle asking for my interest whether I am interested to try out their products. My answer?. 
Well of course... I would love to!. I was not told specifically on what is the thing they are sending me and when it turns out to be a mask, I was more than happy. So here it goes for the review: 

Like any other facial mask available on the market this mask is a peel-off type. So basically, all you need to do is make sure that your face is clean before applying the mask (wash using warm water would do) then apply the mask all over the face. As you are applying the mask ensure that you avoid the eye area because the skin there is super thin and you dont want any wrinkles to visit you at least you are 30. Just leave it for at leat 10 -15 minutes until the mask completely dry and then you may peel the mask off your face. Do it slowly. Once done rinse your face with water.
 3 Simple Steps : Apply, Absorb, Remove

Made up from 7 key ingredients, I have to admit that this mask really work wonders. You may read it for yourself on what each ingredients will make effect to your skin. The mask is made up of apple stem cell, orange stem cell, diamond powder, etc.
The Ingredients of White Synergy Mask
before and after picture of using the white synergy effect mask

 What I like about the mask
  • There is no pungent smell or anything that I dont like. I believe its the apple that cause the smell to be good.
  • Its easy to peel off without much of an effort or causing any pain. I once tried a mask that I actually in tears by the time I want to remove it. The pain scale : 1 out of 10. 
  • It helps to remove dead skin cells which resulting in a clean effect. Looking closely at the before picture, my skin can be considered as dull.
  • It helps to brighten the skin :). Period.

Close up of after removing the mask. No filter applied.

**Good News**
 I am looking for 6 lucky readers to have a sample of the white synergy mask by Living Jungle. Just comment below and be sure to provide me your email address. Lucky readers will be notified by email. So.. Good luck :)


  1. Ohoo dah lama CK tak pakai mask since kahwin
    Penyakit M biasa la :p

    Macam best je mask tu
    Hope dapat seketul hihi (^_^)

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  3. sukany dengan glowy look after pakai mask tu..

  4. Wow..ada lagi ke ni? Boleh dapat free mask kalau ada rezeki :)

    1. Ada lagi dear :) Boleh bagi email nanti licha contact.

  5. huhu tgk org pakai musk kita pun ngase nak pakai, masalahnya musk yg borong last year masa g korea pun xhabis pakai sebab ada penyakit M yg mendalam dalam jiwa ni.. acamne tu?

    1. nak try tak? licha ada lagi 2 samples to giveaway :)

  6. Interesting jugak mask ni! mcm pernah try tp x ingat brand mana. hehe hopefully dapat satu nak try! :D

    Jemput datang blog sy! I blog about beauty products most of the time :D

  7. lama xpakai mask nii...good review dear..

  8. Wahhh bahan² nya natural... Macam beat je... Mcm nk try pakai hehe