Laundry Dilemma, Let Mama Wosh Wash It For You!.

With hectic lifestyle that we are living in nowadays doing the laundry seems to be time consuming. A person roughly spend at least an hour a day to do the laundry.  Starting with putting clothes into washing machine then dryer and lastly the final and dreaded closure - folding the laundry.  With such issue appears to be on demand nowadays, Mama Wosh has come up with ideas of doing the laundry on your behalf.  Oh, and good news they fold your laundry too.  

In short, Mama Wosh take care of your laundry starting from pickup and delivery, wash your clothes, iron and fold your laundry.  You can also request for your laundry to be sent to your doorstep.

Let Mama Wosh wash it for you!.   

For those who are not familiar, Mama Wosh is an all-in- one laundry and dry cleaning provider. They offer free pickup and delivery service in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Petaling Jaya (PJ) area.  

A laundry angel will be sent to pick up the items. The items will be sent to the cleaning station and customer service will send an invoice/receipt to the customer. Ideally, the customer can review the online payment option and interaction with customer service. Clothes will be returned the next day (for normal wash and fold) or within 3 days for hand wash / dry cleaning.

The easiest and fastest laundry pickup & delivery

When it comes to laundry one can hope that if it is meant to be hassle free, then it should.  Mama Wosh emphasize on the following criteria when I said "let Mama Wosh wash it for you".

- online ordering on the website
Similar to ordering your food online, you can do your order via the website.  Put your delivery address and details of your laundry.  Once received your order,  Mama Wosh will take care of the rest. 

- door-to- door pickup/delivery
Mama Wosh will send a laundry angel to your place to pick up the items.  Once your laundry is done it will be delivered back to you all nice and clean.  Just set the time according to your availability so you can do other things without worrying your laundry could not be done on time.  

- fast delivery (express options available)
Who says you need to wait for long to get your laundry done?.   With Mama Wosh, they offer an express option for fast delivery.  To show how efficient they are, within 1 hour after booking the laundry angel will pick up the items.  Customer will be given a 20 minutes heads up once the laundry angel is on its way.

- online payments

When it comes to payment, its trully a no hassle service provided by Mama Wosh.  There is online payments options available for you to pay for your laundry bill.  If you choose to pay by cash (cod) you are welcome to do so as well.  The invoice will be sent via email once they have inspected the items.

- customer service interaction
While some people don't prefer their laundry to be done via online ordering because there is no human interaction or personal touch.  Say when you need your laundry to be done in a specific way or extra care needed to handle your suits and you need to tell the customer representative, fret not.  You can still have the customer service interaction with Mama Wosh.  Just ping them if you have any questions and they will answer you.   

Open 7 Days a Week, Wash All day Everyday

Mama Wosh does the job everyday.  They also do curtain cleaning and carpet cleaning as well.  Next time when festive season comes, you know who to contact for.  Its Mama Wosh for you.  Hassle free laundry service that offers all-in-one laundry and dry cleaning service.

Currently operated in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya Area,  they offers free pickup and delivery and maximum RM10 surcharge for area like Wangsa Maju. 

How Much Does It Cost, Mama Wosh?

Minimum order value of RM25 applies for each order as they pick up your laundry for free.  However, if you want to save more you can join the Mama Wosh club members and save 20% on each order.  See below for the pricing of wash & fold.

Happy Laundry-ing or maybe get Mama Wosh do it for you!

For more info of Mama Wosh, check them out by clicking this link - Mama Wosh

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