Bare for Bare Natural Shampoo for Natural Shiny Hair

Focusing on natural and botanical ingredients in their products Bare for Bare is another new brand in the market that you need to know today. The brand kick off the market with their own very unique concept of Mix & Match in the Body care series where customers get to personalize the scents based on their preference.  Hailed from Singapore, Bare for Bare now offers a range of massive and exclusive home spa inspired quality. Sounds good?. Absolutely.

With the awareness on using natural and botanical products is on the rise, Bare for Bare has step up their game by offering dew others products including 100% natural haircare series, targeting the top hair and scalp concerns. Now if you are a consumer who demand the best all natural and botanical product look no further as Bare for Bare is here.

 What is special about Bare for Bare Haircare Series?

Bare for Bare position themselves to cater for demands of natural and botanical extracts and ingredients in beauty products.  Claiming their product to be FREE from SLES, Paraben, PEG and Silicone their Haircare Series has become a popular choice among consumers.  There are many research conducted in regards to harmful ingredients used in beauty products where prolong uses can cause severe irritations and damages to skin, some even led to cancerous disease. 

No I am not scaring you, but its the harsh truth.  While choosing a natural product can be slightly tricky especially with all the claiming that has no backings, we  need to do some diligence checking on the ingredients used in the products. If you never read labels before, you should now. 

To combat hair concerns in the most natural way

With the aim to fight hair concerns from  environment factors like pollutions, stress, harmful UV rays the Haircare Series from Bare for Bare is the ultimate choice.  Offering 4 options for haircare products such as: 

  1. The Scalp Haircare Series formulated with lemon and citrus extracts, it will nurture healthy scalp and stimulate hair  growth in the long term. 
  2. The Hair Fall Control Haircare Series : formulated with Chamomile and Lily extracts to fight the hairfall problem. Hair root will be stronger and scalp will be healthier over time.
  3. The Damage Repair Haircare Series : formulated with combination of cucumber extracts and passion fruit  extract. Great combination of both ingredients that helps replenish hair moisture, reduce transepidermal moisure loss, strengthen and volumise hair.
  4. The Color Protection Haircare Series : mix of Roses and Kerarice to help with color protection to prevents from weak hair strands, dullness, hair brightness. 
Lets zoom in for option no 1, which is The Scalp Haircare Series.

The combination of Lemon and Citrus results in Straighten & Restructures Hair, Nourishes and Promotes Healthy Scalp.  Prolong uses also helps in preventing dandruff, Oily scalp and Unhealthy Hair. 

Review : Scalp Repair Shampoo and Conditioner 

Before we jump into results, its best get to know about the product a little bit deeper beginning with the packaging.  The labels are well written for the ingredients and is aesthetically pleasing.  I love how pretty the packaging of the shampoo and conditioner.  

Next is the scent and the consistency of both the shampoo and conditioner.  It is nothing like the commercial shampoo that you bought over the counter, the texture is a bit thick and not runny.  You do not need so much just follow according to your standard usage following your hair length.  At first I pump a few drop and it just seems not enough, thinking I need to lather all over my hair and head.  Mind you, the commercial shampoo produce more foam and bubbles but this shampoo does not.  Also you might not notice the significant results straight away.

The conditioner also have the same consistency and thickness.  I do not have any difficulties in lathering the conditioner on my hair and leave it for a while.  After washing, here comes the magic.  I just love how it makes my hair feels light and smooth.  With that said, you definitely need the conditioner as both of them works together perfectly.  

To make it easy for you to have an idea about the scent of the shampoo and conditioner smells like, if you remember the cough syrup that you used to drink when you cough? Yes, similar to that. Its a blend of citrus and lemon so the scent is something I am fine with.  

At the point of writing, I am left with less than 30% of the shampoo and conditioner, so its fair for me to say this.  I can see some changes, if not major but remarkable that problems I had with oily scalp from wearing the headscarf is lessen.  I dont feel itchy or need to scratch my scalp and there is no flakes of dandruff that falls off from my head which I think its good. Overall I am a satisfied user of the Scalp Repair Haircare Series. 

If your scalp has been bugging you lately, why not check out Bare for Bare brands and try out their 100% natural and botanical ingredients products.  To do so you may check their websites and details below: 

Local ecommerce marketplaces

Official Website
-Worldwide delivery

Official Facebook Page (International)

Official Facebook Page (Taiwan)


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Physical Outlets:
Available in Parkson PLAY UP Advance Fahrenheit88
Available in SASA Outlet (Malaysia)
-Sasa outlets (26 outlets throughout Malaysia)

Let me know what you think of 100% natural and botanical ingredients products like Bare for Bare to you. 


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