A Scent for Each Season - Picking the Right Fragrance for Your Occasion

Whether you’re stepping out for a special date with your beau or heading to your children’s big sporting event, spritzing on the right scent will make a major difference. Your fragrance of choice will tie your entire ensemble together, and may even help you tap in to other people’s psychology.
It’s a matter of making sure you’ve chosen the right scent for your occasion. Find out which fragrances work best for your purpose and become a connoisseur of scents with this short guide on fragrance types.


Take a whiff of a woody scent and you might find your mind travelling down a winding forest path. These fragrances lean towards the robust end of the scent spectrum and incorporate the smells you might detect after a light shower falls on your garden. Reminiscent of wood, moss, and fresh cut grass, woody scents are slightly masculine, but work well for women who want to exude a no-nonsense aura in the office.


Going on a date with your special guy? Oriental is the way to go. Naturally seductive and powerful, these fragrances use a light musky undertone often layered with amber and florals. Oriental scents are great if you want to achieve that femme fatale aura and exercise the full capacity of your sex appeal.


Spicy scents leave a tingling sensation in the nose and resemble the fiery feel of cinnamon and ginger. They liven up the senses and make the perfect choice if you’re feeling light and playful. Alluring yet warm and comforting, this scent can leave your special someone guessing whether or not to take the next step which can be great if you enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

Fruity and Floral

Fruity and floral scents almost always go hand in hand. Floral notes are the most feminine in the spectrum, and define what you would expect to sense off of a wholesome good girl. Fruity scents on the other hand, are bright and pleasant, reminiscent of the sweet fragrance you’d get off of a basket of summer fruit. Wear a fruity floral scent on a first date or the next time you take the kids out for a trip.

Clean and Green

Considered unisex, green scents give off the sense of clean freshness. Using leafy tones from fragrant herbs, these sporty scents can be ideal for casual gatherings or corporate meetings. They can also be an ideal fragrance for a make-or-break job interview to give off the aura of a clean worker who pays close attention to detail.


Citrus scents are a common favorite among fragrance manufacturers because they’re so versatile. Using tones from orange, lemon, and other citrus fruits, these fragrances are a daily delight, suitable for a variety of occasions. Awaken your senses by spritzing yourself with the scent inspired by Neroli Portofino from Copycat Fragrances which leverages bold citrus top notes to make you feel extra energetic throughout the day.


Oceanic scents encapsulate the sea, the mountains, and the fresh air that envelopes these kinds of locations. They’re calming and soothing, and are exactly what you would expect when you fall into your hotel room’s freshly washed bed linens. These natural aromas are a fairly contemporary creation, but exude a timeless class and sophistication that’s perfect for work and relaxation.


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