Stuffy Nose No More With Joykids Nasal Aspirator

So as a mother of two kids,  the thing that worries me the most is whenever they got sick.  Mikael would wail and become so clingy always wanted to be carried, but the baby brother is another different story.  Though Maleqi is just 5 months old he has been through a lot.  By alot, I mean A LOT!. Now lets just focus on stuffy nose.  The other day Mikael was getting symptoms of flu, coughing and stuffy nose.  I know next thing its the brother's turn to get infected.
 Mikael  (2 years old) and Maleqi (4 months old)
So much love in this photo :) 

I have to admit that my experience in motherhood department is still lacking, but one thing mothers could agree on is that whenever a child get sick, the mother would wish that she is sick instead.  What more when they have flu.  Having stuffy nose is not comfortable at all.  So what Maleqi does when he has flu?  He scream so much.  For child under 2 years old, there is no flu medicine.  You just have to wait for the symptoms to go away and they will heal naturally.

But, waiting is such a pain.  I know that I love my sons too much that I would take a bullet for them if we are under attack,  but I dont love them too much that I would suck the mucus from their nose for them.  "It is daddy's task",  I would say.


I found my savior Joykids Nasal Aspirator.  Before that, I know some of you would say. "Meh, this is already in the market and people buy this long time ago , she only know it now?. etc.  But mind you, a new mother like me?  Who always think no, what if the thing hurts them, if the suction too hard, if the boys rejected them ?. The list goes on.  Mikael is scared of the hair cutting machine so my worries are legit.

Joykids Nasal Aspirator for Baby 

As the name suggest,  it is a Nasal Aspirator used mainly for babies and children.  Good thing about the product is you can use the nasal aspirator even on infants.  The features of Nasal Aspirator is  shown in the pictures below:

There are two nozzle sizes so it can fit from infant to adults.  Cleaning before and after use is also easy.  I like the design on the nasal aspirator and its very easy to dissemble and reassemble back after you have done sterilizing it.  Its not complicated and most importantly it does the dirty work.

To give you an idea of how does the nasal aspirator works and what comes along if you purchased it from Joykids,  you will receive :

1.  The Nasal Aspirator
2. Charging cable
3. Silicone Washers
4. Gentle Silicone Tip
5. Filter

There is no battery slot if you noticed, and yes.  The Nasal Aspirator is chargeable so it saves the hassle of using a battery that is not rechargeable.  The battery once charged, it can lasts up to 1 month. 

Traditional Nasal Aspirator versus Electic Nasal Aspirator 

Unlike the traditional nasal aspirator available on the market,  I personally find using electic nasal aspirator is better in terms of suction and more hygenic.  

What if the Electic Nasal Aspirator's suction too hard?.  This you dont have to worry because the suction level can be adjusted whether low or high.  For babies below 1 year old I suggest use the low suction.  With Electic Nasal Aspirator it is very easy to use and most importantly it does not hurt your baby's nose.  

 The Unique Selling Point of Joy Kids Nasal Aspirator :

1.  Generates Enough Suction -  All mucus will be gone in minutes without hurting your baby nose
2.  Easy to use - Just press the button to turn on, and press again to adjust the suction speed using only 1 hand.
3.  Effective Suction - All the visible mucus is cleaned and sucked.
4.  Low Noise and chargeable - It does not make any loud sound, which is good because usually babies tend to get scared of a machine / object that make loud sounds which resulting them not wanting to try the thing.

Review :  Joykids Nasal Aspirator 

Frankly, the Nasal Aspirator really helps me, and my family.  It can be used by anyone and at any time. Due to the small size, you can bring the Nasal Aspirator everywhere.  Just put it in the bag and use them whenever needed. I find it to be so useful that it is rechargeable.  

Motherhood can be tough, but thing like this really helps to ease the journey.  Thank you Joykids.  Here is a picture of Maleqi using the Nasal Aspirator when he had flu few days ago.

The price of the Nasal Aspirator is RM299.  Currently the company is having PROMOTION you can get 1 for RM149, buy 2 for RM299.  It is really a good deal. Go check them out!

If you are interested on purchasing the Nasal Aspirator by Joykids, check out the links below:

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    1. yang manual tu lenguh mulut :( lepas tu selalu je tak reti nk sedut takut terkuat sangat.

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