Robot Ride in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

Robot Ride IOI City Mall, Putrajaya | Tell me what you want to do in the mall later?.  That is my favorite question to ask whenever I bring my nephew out to the mall and his usual answer would be -  "to the lego shop, lets go for a bear ride, lets eat chicken rice, watch movie, etc".  But this time his answer turns out to be "I want to go for Robot Ride in IOI City Mall".

Wait, is there even robots there?.

I keep asking the same questions all over again even asked him to prepare a plan B if in case the Robot Ride was just a one time promotion or something.  Indeed my nephew proves me wrong.
So there is a Robot Ride in IOI City Mall, Putrajaya and its located at the second floor.  You may take the escalator and the Robot Ride is just located at the open area next to Superbuy and Tino's pizza.
Its not very hard to notice as you will see a few robots or some are even riding it.

How much is the Robot Ride?

It will costs you RM15 per 1 ride, for 5 minutes.  Yes, it was not that long I know!.   You can ride with maximum 2 person, say you and your child or just your child alone.  In our case, my nephew ride 1 robot while my son and his daddy ride another.

What So Cool About It?

The robot has sound effects as if when you are shooting and the movement of the robots are what makes kids become enthusiastic and excited.  I totally got the point when it was initially only my nephew ride the robot alone and few minutes later the husband decides to join in as well. 
 You can play and aim at your opponents.
 There are a few robots available, so you can play together with your friends.
 The robot from the back
Some other family members are watching the kids
The robot from the side.
Mikael with his daddy.
Their Happy Faces :)