Photos | Sightseeing in Ipoh Town

During my visit to Ipoh the other day, I actually got the chance to walk around Ipoh Town.  To be exact its somewhere around the Plan B restaurant which located at Lorong Panglima, Ipoh. It has been sometime since my last visit to Ipoh and I was impressed with how does the Ipoh Town look like now.  There are so many hipsters cafe around together with nice and cosy space for hangout.  Its so cool!.

What's great is they still keep and maintain the old and historic buildings built during the era of British Colonial.  Other than their historic buildings Ipoh also famous for their new attraction, knows a the "Art of Oldtown" by Ernest Zacharevic. There are 7 wall art murals drawn across several roads in Ipoh town.

Unfortunately,  this post is not going to feature the wall art murals.  I only manage to capture a bunch of photo for places that I walked through around Jalan Paglima around Plan B area.  Luck was not on my side because the phone ran out of battery and I did not bring my powerbank along.  Apologies for that.

Hipster Cafe in Ipoh

What I notice about the hipster cafe in Ipoh is that either they put much effort into decorating the shop to make it aesthetically appealing by giving attention to details or keep it eu naturale where the interior is left bare and even some branches from the tree has become part of the shop.  One of it down below. 
One of the Hipster Cafe in Ipoh town.
Frames hang on the wall.
Inside of the Cafe
The interior of the cafe is nicely decorated and has a historical vibe to it. 

Shops and Alley around Plan B 

Plan B area is where the famous ice kepal is sold.  Trust me, there are so many people in that area around the alley because first, there are many small shops and artisan selling goodies and handmade stuff.  Two, the area is a hotspot for tourist to take photo.  You even have to take turns and queu to take photos at certain place.  Third, just go there and experience it yourself.
 The crowd can be pretty massive especially during the weekend.
This space is just right opposite of Plan B. There is a staircase that lead somewhere but it is locked.
The shop sells clothes, bag, and accessories. Its interesting that the original state of the building is kept untouched.
The wall of the building is very instagram worthy, dont you think?

The decorations on the alley outside the shop.
A perfect decorations for small alley.
One of the wall art I manage to capture, but not by Ernest Zacharevic.
Some shops also sell products made from natural ingredients, example the Mangrove Active Charcoal Essence.
Local Products made and processed in Ipoh.
 You will spot so many tourists not only local Malaysian but foreigners.
There are so many attractions and I would highly recommend you to have a trip to Ipoh.  Travel locally and be proud of our country.

 If you wish to read more about Ipoh, this link is a good one : About Ipoh


  1. wow best theyol pya cafe
    stylo baq hang hihihi

    1. stylo tapi harga agak mahal. Sekeping cheesecake 17 ringgit :)

  2. Cantik tempat ni. Memang suka tengok tempat macam ni..Entah bila nak sampai Ipoh ntah le.

    1. liza pon dah 6 tahun tak gi ipoh. Ni kira first time after so long jugak lah.