[Review] Glacial Clay Facial Mask by Skin Lab

Glacial Clay Facial Mask by Skin LabHello Everyone & Happy Holiday!.
Its already reaching the end of the year and 2015 is coming way too fast for my liking :)  It has been a good year for me and truly I am grateful for that. Alhamdulillah. To close the year I would like to share with you about a product from NattaCosme, its the Glacial Clay Facial Mask by Skin Lab.

As posted on my Instagram the parcel is a special one, together with the products I have received gifts, a x-mas card personally signed by Natta Staff. I never feel touched this way. **Disclaimer : I am not saying this because I am doing the products review for them every now and then. But I also purchased several products from the website myself. Overall being a costumer, I am very satisfied with their service.  
Lets talk about the mask shall we? The main focus of this mask is for deep cleaning, acne treatment, sebum control, pore contraction and hydration balancing. 
Memang terbaik dan menyeluruh lah kiranya fungsi mask ini sebab ianya fokus kepada rawatan jerawat, sebum dan juga kawalan lembapan kulit. Bahan-bahan utama iaitu canadian glacial clay, oatmeal dan tea tree leaf. Setiap satunya mempunyai banyak kebaikan untuk kulit terutamanya bagi yang memiliki kulit berminyak.
I found the tips provided to be very helpful. Honestly, I am not really fond of a products which have a stinging or minor-sharp-pain effect while applying/wearing any skincare products. Its really a turn off!. :( 
It does sting for few minutes and it gradually subsides after that. You can put the mask into fridge and will feel a lot better wearing it.

Please note that different people might have different effect/reaction towards their skin. Taking my hubs as example, he proudly say "I feel no pain at all" . Lucky man. 

How to apply?
Clean your face first before applying the mask. For hygienic purposes use spatula provided to scoop and lather on your face. Make sure to avoid the eyes area. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

For frequency
Oily skin : 2~3 times a week
Normal to dry skin : 1~2 times a week

My opinions on the Glacial Clay Facial Mask 
It is easy to spread the product all over the face, and after cleaning the face my skin felt hydrated and clean. Surprisingly though my skin does not feel dry or very tight after that. Even the pores are not that visible.

Secara kesimpulan, produk ini sangat sesuai kepada mereka yang mempunyai liang pori terbuka/ besar, masalah bintik hitam di muka (terutamanya bahagian hidung, iaitu aku), minyak yang berlebihan  dan memiliki kulit yang tidak sekata kerana banyak sel kulit mati. Untuk lebih info, klik gambar di bawah ->

Dr. Pore Tightening Glacial Clay Facial Mask.


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