Tips to Find the Right Engagement Rings featuring BBBGEM

I could not think of any other excuse that your partner would reject your wedding proposal because even I, myself could not say no after I have seen the engagement ring.  Who am I kidding, jewelries are woman best friend.  Give a lady a ring and she can conquers the world.  There are many  great jewelries retailers out there that offers a wide selection of rings.  Even now with the advancement of technology and communication you can even orders ring online.  A person living in London can order a ring to be made from Australia or China.  Tips to Find the Right Engagement Rings featuring BBBGEM is something you need to check out especially if you plan to walk down the isle this year. 

But first, how do you find the right ring?  

Finding the right ring requires a lot of criteria to be put under consideration.  Engagement rings equally as  important as your wedding ring because it signify the unity of love between two people.  You dont want to look at your engagement ring and thought  "oh man, i could do so much better".  The pressure to get the engagement rings right is real guys.

First and foremost the size of the ring finger. The ring will be worn for a long time so getting the sizing right is very crucial. For guys, there are 2 ways to do this;
               1.   to be subtle about it by getting a friend or family to help 
               2.  to ask directly for your partner ring size. 

The letter obviously will ruin the surprises because she will be wondering when will you go on one knee and pop the question.  A girl gets excited of smallest little things even asking bout the ring size will get her to constantly think about it. 

Next, look for inspiration.  The inspiration for engagement rings can comes from everywhere. To help narrow down your search Pinterest is always a good idea. If your partner has a specific interest in type of ring or stones that she prefers her ring to be made of, keep those in mind when scouting for your engagement or wedding rings.  It shows that you are an attentive partner. You may google for ring manufacturer if you insist on getting a custom jewelry for your loved ones.  For custom jewelry we will save that part for later. 

What else is more important then the budget of the engagement rings?.  Everyone wishes to have the biggest and massive karats of diamond on their wedding band but if it costs more than all your organs combined, its not worth it.  That does not mean you could not have an impressive rings that you can be proud of.  When it comes to price and budgeting it can be pretty subjective, but if you are looking for engagement rings under $500, look below:

Which Gems to Choose for the Ring

Is it diamond or other gems?. In case you dont know, there are plenty of gems available on the market. The common ones are Emerald, Jade, Diamond, Pearl, Amethyst, Aquamarine and many more.  Of course, diamond is the famous choice among all but have you heard of Morganite?   

What is a Morganite? 
Morganite is the pink to orange-pink verity of beryl, a mineral that includes emeralds and aquamarine.  The color of Morganite can be pink, orangy pink, purplish pink, its often light in tone. 
Morganite is loved by many because it often comes in lighter pastel shades of pink. I found a stunning piece of a custom order Morganite wedding ring that your partner would say 'I do' immediately.  

The design is exquisite and the Morganite is shining bright just like the future of you and your partner. 

If pink or pastel is not your favorite, then

Turquoise engagement ring is your answer. Turkish Stone it is called, the gemstone is an opaque with blue to green hues mineral. The color is what makes it interesting despite having some benefits related to feng shui and to the wearer.  Personally i think Turquoise does makes a plain simple wedding rings looks stunning.  It brings the meaning of simple to another level. 

Custom made vs ready made engagement rings 

Custom made is more personalized. Its equally important to get the biggest and massive diamond that you can afford but consider this, if you can get your right to be custom made with the same cost which would you choose?.  BBBgem does that,  with over 15 years of experience and  a few headquarters located in several countries they are the place to look for when you are thinking of making your own customized jewelry.  Engagement ring, wedding rings, silver jewelry of all sorts.  

one of the custom made rings by BBBGEM

Good luck in finding your the right engagement rings for you and may you live happily ever after.  Seriously I think I need one of the rings, what about you?