Mikael Visited | Farm in The City, Seri Kembangan

In Mikael visited.. this time we are featuring Farm in the City.  Located at Seri Kembangan, Selangor it only took about 45 mins to reach the place for us living in Cyberjaya. I am not a big fan of travelling to places in Kuala Lumpur because of the traffic and having to be stuck in jam during peak hours with a toddler in the car can be a bit stressful.  Its a good choice of place to visit with kids because of the open zoo concept.  The animals are not all caged and even the chickens can roam around freely.

Initially we have made plan to go to the Hippopo Baby Spa in Setia Walk, however as expected during the weekend all the sessions are fully booked.  My colleague in office has a baby boy around Mikael's age so we invited them over to have a baby date.  Below is the picture of both of them. 
From right, Mikael and Rafiq.  This was their first time meeting each other so they are not all in BFF mode yet.

What are you staring at, Mikael?.

Mikael and Rafiq got to enter for free so we only paid for the adults instead. 4 adults with a total of RM128, only RM32 per person.  The price is considered reasonable for the size of the petting zoo and also there are a lot of activities that can be done inside.
There are more than 100 species of exotic and rare species are on display behind glass walls or in open compounds - there are no steel barred cages for the creatures living here.  The kampong setting has been well landscaped and planted with over 60 types of tropical fruit tree and shrubs. Source

The farm has been divided into 11 habitats:
  • Mood's Lake
  • Turtle & Tortoise Farm
  • Bird Aviary
  • Reptile Cavern
  • Rabbit Farm
  • Pets Village
  • Jungle Walk
  • Vegetable & Fruit Farm
  • Savannah
  • Longkang Fishing
  • Kampong Mahmood
We reached the petting zoo around 11 something.  There are plenty of parking spaces provided but we could not find any vacant spot perhaps due to most of the visitors reached the place as early as 10 a.m. so we need to park further away from the place.  Tips - early birds get the worms, in this case Parking Space.
The entrance to the Farm in the City.

  There are descriptions board pasted in the area so visitor can read the sign.
There are many types of Chicken and Rooster in the barn.
The area in the petting Zoo.
Savanna - There are goat, illama and deer in the habitat.
33 Years Old Tortoise Roaming Around in the Zoo.
Small fish in the flower pot.
There are snakes and baby crocodile inside the glass cage.

Looking at the Baby Crocodile 
The description of the Tortoise in the Zoo.
Dinasour Turtle in the Pond.
Among the attractions in the Petting Zoo - World Rarest Tortoise
 Animals can roam freely in the petting zoo. 
He cried when the deer approached him and tried to eat the kangkung that he was holding.
Such a crybaby this one!.

= Random photo's of Mikael and Mummy Moments =


Address: Jalan Prima Tropika Barat 1, Pusat Bandar Putra Permai, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia.
Operating Hours: 10:00 a.m until 6:00 pm  

Overall experience, this place is highly recommended for parents to bring their kids along for a weekend outing. We spent around 3 hours in Petting Zoo to complete check on 11 habitats.  There are cafes inside but the pricing is a bit tad pricey.  I would recommend to bring your own drinks and food or alternatively eat outside.  If you are expecting to see soem orang utan, tapir or even buffalo sorry this is not the place.  As described it is a petting zoo so you will only see tamed (not wild) animals. 
But the Zoo have pony, if your kid is at the right size and height then he can do the pony ride.


  1. ok sgt hrga gitu.. sbb dlm pun best..


  2. dah lama tak singgah sini..tau2 dah ada anak aje ;)
    tahniah! welcome to the motherhood ;)
    pernah pergi sini. seronok kalau anak dah besar
    lagilah kalau dah pandai cakap! lagi seronok
    nanti Mikael dah besar, bawa lagi ye. mesti dia lagi seronok ;)

    1. tenkiu2.. hah itulah lama sangat menyepi. Sekarang baru dapat kerajinan dan kekuatan untuk update blog :)

  3. dah lama xgi zoo. boleh ni lain kli nk g sini la

  4. memang seronoklah budak-budak datang sini. Boleh interact dengan haiwan pulak tu.

  5. friendly deer... ;) baby n mommy looked very happy.. ... insyaallah..will br visiting this Farm in the City end of this year... thanks for sharing.. ;)

    1. Thank you 😊. I would recommend this place. Its clean n its not scorching hot coz there are plenty of trees that act as shades. Its not to big too, just nice to walk around and finish the whole place

  6. Great post!! I really appreciate your write about petting zoo. People who like animals always invited petting zoo in their parties. I like your article and waiting for your next article. Thanks for posting and keep blogging.