The New Gucci Premiere Eau De Toilette feat Blake Lively

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Hello Gossip Girl!. We met again after some time since my last post. 

Today's gossip is about something that relate closely to woman brought to you by a great brand, comes with a classy packaging (should i say luxurious) and smells nice. Introducing to you Gucci Premiere Eau De Toilette by Gucci.

 A perfume is a must for woman,without it - its like leaving the house naked. Perfume can  also boost up our confidence level when meeting other people. I give you an example when going to an interview, perfume can help us to calm down and we have 1 thing less to worry about. Cause baby you know you do not smell like you just came out from a thrash bin today. So what does Blake Lively has to do with perfume? Quoting her words “You spray it and you immediately feel empowered – there’s a sensuality that comes with fragrance and there’s a power that fragrance has on other people".
Like you own the world.
-Gucci Premiere Eau De Toilette-

In regards to the scent this perfume is a lighter, brighter, more delicate incarnation of the memorable signature scent. Surely if you own a perfume like Gucci Premiere Eau De Toilette, there is no reason not to celebrate your daily success. Plus it also rewards those champagne moments of everyday achievement and makes them resonate and last.

Top Notes: Champagne, Bergamot, Orange blossom
Heart : Jasmine, Freesia, Rose, Musk 
Base: Leather, Patchouli, Woods
With that every woman can have a piece of Blake Lively in them but first let us watch the video and see how she carries herself. I personally adore her since her Gossip Girl era (sorry team Blair Waldorf), so an extra mark goes to Gucci for selecting Blake Lively for the campaign. :) Again, love the scent as well.
Blake Lively for Gucci Premiere Eau De Toilette Campaign

Tips to make your perfume lasts longer:   
1. Spray the perfume to your pulse points. The inner wrist, the base of the throat, behind ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind knees, and the inner elbows. 
2.  Spray the perfume to the air, and walk through. Repeat the steps.
3. Spray the perfume while your body is wet. Or apply a fragrance free moisturizer to the body before you spray the perfume.

What perfume are you currently using?. Let me know below~


  1. how about price? reasonable or high?

    1. reasonable untuk yang jrang-2 guna. Tapi kalau sembur banyak kali sehari memang tak thana jugak la :)

  2. Replies
    1. EDT lebih sesuai untuk daily use. macam pergi opis, bau lebih ringan dan kurang pekat dari EDP. EDP punya pekatan bau lebih kuat dan tahan lama. :) Lebih sesuai untuk ke majlis atau makan malam :)

  3. nice. how about price?

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  4. Tak pernah lagi try minyak wangi mahal-mahal ni. Biasa beli yang kat belakang masjid lepas jumaat je, yang sebotol RM8 tu. Hehe

  5. Good review. Grab it folks...auwww !

  6. saya pakai perfume murah-murah je..huhu

  7. tak pernah pakai mahal2..kalau kuat2 sangat bau cepat pening..hehe

  8. Dah ada dipasaran Malaysia ke? Brp harganya? :)

  9. saya pakai jenis cologne je..tu pun jarang-jarang.

  10. lan kalau bab perfume nie kuno skit..feveret dari dulu sampai sekarang ialah Aqua Di Gio...hehehe