Review & Tips | Hippopo Baby Spa

Hippopo Baby Spa | Review & Tips  

  At about 7 months old, we have decided to bring our son to experience his first spa experience and after a few surveying done, off we go to the HIPPOPO BABY SPA.  There are several branch available across Malaysia and the one we went to was at Setia Walk, Selangor. And best part of all, we were the only customer on that day. It was on Monday.

Once arrived we were given a briefing about the spa, their service offerings, how and what does they use e.g products and type of float that they have to use on baby.  For a first time mum, the info shared was really helpful and could add up your knowledge about baby and swimming.

After the tour throughout the spa and the briefing I have decided to choose only the swimming package for my son.   Reason I was worried that he might not want to be massaged by a stranger or he might not feel comfortable (read : overprotective mum alert!) . So, no massage just swim.

Lets review the facilities of the spa first and then on the swimming session.  So shall we?.

Smaller pool for baby weigh 4 kg and above. Can only fit 1 baby.   
On the left : The private swimming pool, for parents who prefer to have some privacy. 
On the right :  A special pool for for baby to treat skin conditions.  Highly recommended. 
The spa also sell the swimming diaper, used for swimming.

For 6 month old and above, you got to swim in the big tub. Jakuzi kinda pool.
The package offered in Hippopo Baby Spa. You may refer to their FB page for any ongoing  promotions.
+_+_+_+_+_+_Swimming Session+_+_+_+_+_+_

Before swimming the baby will be having a warm up session first for around 10 minutes.  Mikael definitely happy there. You can see him grinning widely at the staff.  Oh ya, the staff also sing some happy baby song.  How nice!. Once done with the warm up he was stripped naked and given a  swimming diaper to wear.

There are 2 type of floats available, the one choosen for Mikael was the neck float.  He is already 7 months old so he got to swim inside the bigger pool.
 The first dip. Drumroll... Dum Dum Dum...
He was quite nervous at first and he keep on holding to the float. But after few minutes he started to relax and enjoy being in the water.

The swimming session lasted for 30 minutes and after that the staff will put some ointment to the baby, i forgot what is it called and rub it through his body.  I believed its to warm the body after being in the water for sometime.

Tips :
  • Call first to make reservation and ask for available slots.  Choose the one that suited your time and when your baby is at his best condition. Going on a weekdays is a good idea to avoid full slots and too much crowd.
  • Make sure that your baby is healthy on the day of your appointment.  If the baby just had their vaccination 2 days prior, sorry. It is advisable for you to wait for a few days after the vaccination.
  • Make sure the baby is well rested and its better if you fed him first before you go to the spa. Mikael was having a nap by the time of the appointment (supposedly at 12:00 pm) and so we have to reschedule to 2 p.m.
  • You dont have to bring the swimming diaper as it will be provided by the spa. You just have to bring along a spare shirt and pants.
Overall experience I would highly recommend the Hippopo Baby Spa because the staff is friendly and very helpful.  They gave us such a warm welcome and know how to tackle the baby.  Most importantly, Mikael truly enjoyed the session. 


  1. wah. boleh nampak mikael happy.hehe.

    1. hehe.. tak nak keluar dari jakuzi tu .. seronok sangat

  2. wah bertuah si Mikael....bestnya macam auntie nak join masuk Jakuzi tu hehehehe

    1. staff dia friendly jadi baby pon seronok. main bola2 kecik dalam tu

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